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Hi I am Shweta, I am an engineer turned baker. Growing up in India, I loved cooking with my mom but my baking journey didn't start until I became a mom. I am a self-taught baker known for my fusion eggless desserts and cakes. I love creating fusion flavors taking inspiration from my roots and culture.

My son is my inspiration, my taste tester, and my biggest fan. I love creating Indian-inspired desserts to introduce him to the parts of India I love and admire. I grew up eating Indian mithai and this is my way of introducing him to a part of my heritage. My favorite part of baking is the pure joy on people's faces and how a spoonful takes them to their childhood memories. I love baking so that everyone can enjoy a treat hence , I have a extensive egg free dessert n cakes menu. I also have a limited sugar free menu too.

Almost everything that you taste on menu is made from scratch in my kitchen , I love making sure that I use the most clean and real ingredient , so you will never find artificial flavor , or ingredients in my bakes. I love using season and fresh ingredients, so my Mango mousse is real mango and has no gelatin in it ,similarly saffron cream has real strands of saffron in them to impart the real flavor.

What started as a way to find a creative outlet has turned into a little business. Thank you so much for being the part of my creative journey.

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